Monday, October 11, 2010

Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/October 4-10, 2010

20 September; reported 8 October:  A student reported that she was being harassed by another student.  The harassment occurs while she is in class, via text messages, e-mails, and phone calls.  Public Safety will attempt to contact the student suspected of causing the harassment.  This investigation is pending.

4 October; 2:10pm:  Safety staff responded to a report of a student having a seizure in the A building.  Paramedics responded and the student was taken to Saint Joseph's Hospital.

4 October; 4:55pm:  Safety staff responded to a non-injury vehicle accident in the west parking lot.  The accident was caused by inattentive backing.  Parties involved exchanged insurance information.

5 October; 6:45am-1:30pm:  A student reported the theft of his bicycle from the rack located by the B building.  The bike had been secured by a U-shaped lock and cable.  It was purchased for $560.00.

5 October; 4:30pm:  Safety staff completed a report on the damage caused by the strong wind, rain, and hail.  A tree fell on an employee's vehicle that was parked in the 11th Avenue parking lot.

6 October; 1:35pm:  Safety staff responded to a non-injury vehicle accident in the west parking lot.  There was minor damage and the parties involved exchanged insurance information.

6 October; 4:25pm:  Safety staff responded to a report that a student was having a seizure in the Dalby building.  The student quickly recovered and requested that paramedics not be called.  The student said a friend would take her home.

6 October; 5:10pm:  Phoenix Fire was called to the Public Safety building due to smoke in the facility.  An air conditioner apparently seized up and caused the smoke.  A fan was used to clear the smoke from the building.

6 October; 7:00-8:10pm:  A student reported that while his vehicle was parked in the west lot, it was burglarized.  Missing from the vehicle was the in-dash stereo and a lap-top bag containing a calculator.  The loss is estimated at $225.00.  The vehicle had been left unlocked by the student.

7 October; 6:30pm; reported 8 October:  An employee reported that while working a soccer game, he was coming from the press box, missed a step, and fell.  The employee injured his right shoulder and right ankle.  The employee was treated by his physician.

10 October; 8:57am:  Safety staff responded to the north parking lot on a report that a vehicle had sustained criminal damage.  Someone had broken the passenger window out of a Honda Civic.  The owner was contacted and apprised of the damage.

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