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Public Safety Update April 9/15

Douglas Sparks douglas.sparks@phoenixcollege.edu via memo.maricopa.edu 
10:57 AM (24 minutes ago)
to DL-PC
Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/April 9-April 15, 2012

April 10; 8:55 am: A late report was made to Safety staff regarding a theft of a book that occurred December of last year. This investigation is continuing.

April 11; 10:35 am: Safety staff documented the theft of a backpack and contents from the Men’s locker room.

April 11; 1:00 pm; Safety Staff documented a theft of a text book that occurred earlier in the day in Computer Commons.

April 11; 12:15 pm: Safety Officers documented the trafficking of stolen property at the bookstore involving a stolen book.

April 12; 9:25 am: A student made a late report of a cell phone theft from the C building that occurred the morning of the 11th.

April 12; 1:30 pm: Safety staff documented a harassment incident occurring on campus in the Fine Arts building.

Other Activities

There were four reports for medical assistance during this period. One patient was transported from the college by ambulance.

One report was made for a minor motor vehicle accident during this period.

Reminder: Safety on our PC Campus is all of our concern and responsibility as involved community partners. If you see activity that appears suspicious, call Public Safety to report it: give the location, type of activity and descriptions of those involved if possible. The Safety Office phone is staffed 24/7. The number is 602-285-7254.

Faculty members are encouraged to share the safety updates with their students.

End of update.