Monday, April 9, 2012

Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/April 2-April 8, 2012

March 30; 1:55 pm – 2:05 pm: (Late report) Safety Officers responded to a theft of a backpack from the Library.

April 2; 1:05 pm: Safety staff documented criminal damage/graffiti along the wall of the 11 Ave Faculty parking lot.

April 2; 7:05 am; Safety Staff observed criminal damage/graffiti to the B building. The criminal activity was recorded on our campus CCTV system.

April 2; 1:55 pm: Safety Officers documented the theft of a utility cart and the attempt theft of another utility cart from IT that occurred during the weekend.

April 5; 9:45 am: A student reported an aggravated assault incident that occurred on campus the evening prior.

Other Activities

There were two reports for medical assistance during this period. No patients were transported from the college by ambulance.

One report was made of an unattended vehicle parked in the North parking lot that was struck by another unknown vehicle during this period.

Reminder: Safety on our PC Campus is all of our concern and responsibility as involved community partners. If you see activity that appears suspicious, call Public Safety to report it: give the location, type of activity and descriptions of those involved if possible. The Safety Office phone is staffed 24/7. The number is 602-285-7254.

Faculty members are encouraged to share the safety updates with their students.

End of update.

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