Friday, December 11, 2009

FREE H1N1 Vaccine Clinic Monday, December 14 from 7:30 am -11:30 in North Staff Dining Room

We will be hosting a FREE H1N1 vaccine clinics provided by Scottsdale Healthcare. There will be no insurance needed or billed. The clinic is open to everyone (students included). The clinic will be able to accommodate a maximum of 200 people on a first come first served walk-in basis. At these clinics, the seasonal flu vaccine will also be available as supplies last (please bring MCCCD insurance card or $20 if you plan on receiving the seasonal flu vaccine)

Scottsdale Healthcare will continue to strictly follow federal, state and county guidelines and distribute vaccine as follows:

1)Anyone who qualifies for the FluMist form of the H1N1 vaccine will not receive the injectable H1N1 vaccine.

2)Qualifications for FluMist include:

– between the ages of 14- 49
– not pregnant
– no underlying medical conditions
( i.e. asthma, cardiac conditions, diabetes, certain muscle or nerve disorders that can lead to breathing or swallowing problems),
– no previous severe reaction to flu vaccine or egg allergy

3)Injectable H1N1 vaccine will only be given to those who do not qualify for FluMist (pregnant women and those with underlying medical conditions, including the morbidly obese). Those who do not qualify for FluMist by virtue of age alone will receive the injectable vaccine.

4)Consents will be required for all receiving vaccine.

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