Thursday, December 3, 2009

Distinguished Teaching Award NOMINATIONS due February 5, 2010

One of the hallmarks for excellence in two-year colleges is the recognition and reward of excellence in teaching.  Phoenix College has established the Distinguished Teaching Award to recognize teaching excellence by its faculty.  Recipients receive a plaque, have all expenses paid to professional conferences or seminars (up to $1,500), and share their methods and techniques with other faculty.  Also, they award a $250 scholarship given in their name to a qualified PC student of their choice.  The recipient of this award is chosen by a committee of peers, based on a screening process, submitted supporting paperwork, and classroom observation of the nominees.

To be eligible for the Distinguished Teaching Award, nominees must demonstrate a sustained contribution to the students and the college.  Therefore, before being nominated, nominees must be current residential (full-time) faculty and have completed three or more years of residential (full-time) teaching at Phoenix College.   

Any student, employee, alumnus of Phoenix College, or any member of the community may make nominations for the Distinguished Teaching Award. 

On the form below (or pick up a paper copy), explain, to the best of your knowledge, why the nominee is a Phoenix College Distinguished Teacher.  Consider how the nominee demonstrates any or all of the distinguished teaching criteria listed below.  Address only those areas about which you have knowledge.  Do not feel that you must address all of the established criteria.

1. With Students

  • displays a high degree of respect for attitudes and values of the students
  • interacts effectively in formal and informal situations
  • concentrates on students’ needs
  • allows students to explore ideas effectively
  • encourages life-long learning
  • demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching and for subject area
  • invites independent thinking

2.  With Subject Area

  • stays current with new information
  • develops classroom techniques and/or materials that reflect new concepts in subject area, and/or new concepts in the presentation (or teaching) of the subject area

3.   With Course Learning Materials

  • has thorough knowledge of subject
  • develops and/or maintains learning materials for particular courses (syllabi, learning packets, supplementary handouts, media, etc.)
  • stimulates student interest about the course subject.

4.  With College/Community Involvement

  • contributes to institutional vitality
  • represents the college in the greater community
  • involved in campus activities beyond the classroom, such as developing new courses, writing grants, etc.

Nominations are due February 5, 2010.  Send or bring to:

Phoenix College

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Fannin Library, Lower Level, Room 023
1202 West Thomas Road

Phoenix, Arizona  85013


I nominate ____________________________________________________________________
for the 2009-2010 Phoenix College Distinguished Teaching Award.

Write an approximately 250-word essay that explains what you feel distinguishes this instructor from other instructors.  Provide specific examples that illustrate this person’s teaching excellence.

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