Monday, July 9, 2012

Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/July 2 – July 8, 2012

July 2; 11:00 am: A burglary was documented by Public Safety staff after an employee
in the LC building reported her purse had been taken from her desk. The area had been
left unsecured and the suspect entered and removed the purse. The suspect (not a PC
student) later attempted to fraudulently cash checks. The investigation is continuing with
the Phoenix Police Department.

Other Activities

No medical reports or motor vehicle accidents were reported during this holiday week.

Breatheeasy: A reminder that the District policy on tobacco products on campus
is in effect now. Please visit the District website for information. The Public Safety
Department appreciates your cooperation regarding this new policy.

Safety: Safety on our PC Campus is all of our concern and responsibility as involved
community partners. If you see activity that appears suspicious and/or destructive, call
Public Safety to report it: give the location, type of activity and descriptions of those
involved if possible. The Safety Office phone is staffed 24/7. The number is 602-285-

NOTE: Faculty members are encouraged to share the safety updates with their students.

End of update.

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