Monday, October 24, 2011

Public Safety Update for October 24, 20ll

Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/October 17-23, 2011

17 October; 9:49am: An employee reported the theft of his vehicle from the north parking lot. The employee saw an unidentified black female driving his vehicle as it departed campus. Phoenix police responded and documented the theft.

17 October; 11:00am: A student reported that he had been threatened by two other students in reference to an incident which occurred on 6 October. The student did not know the names of the persons who threatened him and was advised to contact Public Safety should he see either/both of them again.

17 October; 1:15pm: Safety staff documented a non-injury motor vehicle accident that occurred in the parking garage. Information was exchanged and one party was issued a citation for driving against the flow of traffic.

1 May-11 October; reported 17 October: A theft report was filed by a campus police officer due to a laptop computer being taken from the Music building. The computer was purchased about five years ago at a cost of approximately $1,000.00.

17 October; 4:15pm: A student reported the theft of his wallet which he left on a counter in Admissions and Records. The theft was captured via video surveillance but the suspect could not be identified.

18 October; 11:25am: A campus police officer documented a one-vehicle accident in the lower level of the parking garage. A student was operating her vehicle when she struck a steel barrier on the northeast corner of the garage. The vehicle had to be towed from the premises but the student was not injured.

18 October; 3:15pm: An employee reported he experienced pain in his wrists and right hip when a chair collapsed while he was attending a meeting in the Hannelly Center. Medical attention was not needed at the time but Industrial Injury paperwork was completed.

18 October; 6:00-8:00pm: A student reported the theft of an IPOD from his locker in the gymnasium. The locker had been left unlocked while the student attended football practice. The IPOD is valued at $200.00.

18 October; 8:55pm: A campus police officer documented a non-injury motor vehicle accident report that occurred in the west parking lot. A vehicle, that had been parked in neutral, backed into a parked vehicle. The vehicle owners exchanged information.

19 October; 11:15am: A student sustained a bruise to the right side of his face when he ran into the rear of a parked vehicle while skateboarding down the ramp in the parking garage. The owner of the parked vehicle was notified due to some damage around the location of the license plate.

19 October; 5:50pm: Campus police officers advised a student not to return to his classroom in PSB because he had been dropped from the class. The student was visibly upset and simply said that he was leaving.

20 October; 9:10am: A campus police officer counseled a student for inappropriate behavior toward his instructor. The student said he understood and would not approach the instructor again.

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