Friday, October 28, 2011

Phoenix College Hosts Hip Hop Town Hall Nov. 5

(PHOENIX, Ariz., Oct. 28, 2011) – The Phoenix College NAACP/Black Student Union will host the 2nd Annual Hip Hop Town Hall on Nov. 5, 2011, at PC’s Bulpitt Auditorium. With the theme “Has Hip Hop Lost Its Way? – Bridging the Generational Gap,” the event seeks to engage young adults in meaningful dialogue and debate about current social topics in an appealing format.

“We want to capture the brilliance of some of these young people and mentor and steer it in the right direction,” said Dr. Camilla Westenberg, advisor to the NAACP/BSU student club who also teaches rap literature at Phoenix College in the English Department.

Hip Hop’s popularity has transcended race, religion and class for many people. The Town Hall will explore current issues of importance to today’s youth and emphasize the positive impact of Hip Hop. Hip Hop songs and videos address social issues such as generational barriers, police brutality, corporate radio vs. internet radio, use of the n-word, and other topics.

“Hip Hop has become a viable culture unto itself,” said Dr. Westenberg. “It has impacted our language, dress, politics and finances. And it’s a global phenomenon.”

Town Hall panelists include a range of people, from music label executives and rap artists to local entrepreneurs and community activists. The featured keynote speaker will be Kevin Black, a music label executive, promoter and entrepreneur who currently owns and runs his own promotions, marketing and management firm. He previously worked at Death Row Records, Interscope Records, Virgin Records and EMI Records.

Other partners in the event are: Black Entrepreneurship Association, Peacefest Organization, Dynasty Inkorporated, Phoenix College Creative Writing Program, Kingz N Queenz LLC and hip hop artist Queen YoNasDa, who is the national director of the Indigenous Nations Alliance-Millions More Movement and the initiator of Hip Hop 4 Haiti.

Plan to join us at this engaging and thought-provoking event. For more information, contact or

When: November 5, 2011. Starts at noon.
Where: Phoenix College Bulpitt Auditorium

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