Monday, March 8, 2010

Dumpster Dive and Comedy Show to Increase Recycling Awareness

To increase recycling awareness and initiatives at Phoenix College (PC), students, staff and faculty will participate in a dumpster dive and enjoy a comedy show presented by Don't Trash AZ on Tuesday, March 9 from 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at Phoenix College, 1202 W. Thomas Rd.

Participants will collect all trash on campus for a 24-hour period and later dump the college’s trash on the Sophomore Square grounds to separate the discarded items into two piles of recyclables and non-recyclables.

“Since the last dumpster dive, more recycling containers have been placed across campus,” said James Sousa, PC Green Committee Co-Chair. “We hope the results improve from last year. This event will give us a great measure of how much trash we generate on campus and how well we are recycling.”

Last year, the PC Green Committee held the college’s first dumpster dive where 30% of collected trash was salvaged from going to the landfill by being recycled.

At noon, Don’t Trash AZ will present a comedy show where personality Ken Kaz will deliver an entertaining and memorable monologue about litter and its negative impact on the state.

“Our goal is to emphasize the importance of recycling across the entire campus. I believe both adults and young people are more aware of environmental issues and some are making conscious efforts; however, I believe there is more we should be doing,” said Sousa. “Recycling is everyone's responsibility, and it really takes an extra effort from everyone on campus to enforce environmental practices.”

The PC Green Committee helps enhance recycling efforts and awareness across campus. Each year, the committee hosts several events to raise awareness and increase faculty, staff and student involvement. Events include talks on urban farming by Greg Peterson, campus-wide dumpster dives, a screening of The Eleventh Hour, and several Earth Day activities.

To help with the Dumpster Dive or to request more information, contact James Sousa at (602) 285-7154.

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