Monday, January 30, 2012

Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/January 23-29, 2012

23 January; 9:50am:  Public Safety staff responded to the Student Union on a report that a student was experiencing chest pains.  Paramedics responded and the student was taken to Saint Joseph's Hospital for further treatment.

24 January; 6:00-9:00pm:  A student reported the theft of her bicycle from the bike racks located next to the A building.  The bike had been secured with an inexpensive lock; the student valued the bike at $131.00.  CCTV coverage was not available at that location.

25 January; 8:45am-2:45pm:  An employee reported the theft of her wallet from a classroom in the H building.  The employee received a call from her bank that one of the cards stolen with the wallet had been fraudulently used for the amount of $53.00.  The employee was advised to report the theft to the Phoenix Police Department and to cancel her debit cards.

27 January; 10:05pm:  A campus police officer responded to the overflow lot north of 15th Avenue on a report that a student was in distress.  The student is a former military person who served in Iraq and was experiencing possible flashbacks.  Phoenix Police were requested to respond for assistance.  The student was taken to the VA Medical Center by the Phoenix officers.

NOTE/REMINDER:  Bicycles, in-line skates, and skateboards are not allowed to be used on campus.  Bicycle operators should walk their bikes to the nearest bike rack.  Also, it is recommended that bicycle owners purchase the metal U-Bolt type locks as the less expensive locks are too easily cut.

NOTE:  Faculty members are encouraged to share the safety updates with their students.

End of update.  

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