Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Public Safety Update 9-21-11

Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/September 12-18, 2011

12 September; 3:00pm: A student was arrested in the C building for possession of marijuana. Phoenix Police booked the student into the 4th Avenue jail.

13 September; 8:00am: A student at the B building was throwing up and feeling weak. Paramedics responded to evaluate the student. The student took a taxi for transport to a medical facility.

13 September; 9:50am: A campus police officer wrote a hit and run accident report. A student reported that her vehicle was struck while she was looking for a parking spot in the west parking. Another vehicle backed into the student's vehicle and the driver left without addressing the accident. The operator of the striking vehicle was identified and the two parties exchanged insurance information.

14 September; 7:10pm: A safety officer reported seeing Phoenix Fire near the A&R building. A student complained of being weak, having stomach cramps, and a headache. The student was transported to Saint Joseph's Hospital.

15 September; 9:40am: A student reported a car fire on the upper level of the parking garage. Phoenix Fire responded and extinguished the fire. The fire damaged a vehicle that was parked next to the burning vehicle. Both owners were contacted and a report was filed.

15 September; 11:10am: A campus police officer completed a criminal damage report. Person(s) unknown damaged a Pepsi machine located near the Learning Center. Pepsi was contacted and advised of the damage.

16 September; 7:07am: A campus police officer completed an accident report on a non-injury vehicle accident that occurred in the north parking lot. Parties involved exchanged insurance information.

16 September; 10:50am: Paramedics were called but then cancelled when a student in the library said he felt better after experiencing a stomach ache and dizziness. The student was able to continue to his next class.

16 September; 2:05-2:10pm: A student reported the theft of her backpack from the library. The backpack contained an Ipod, a graphing calculator, and a calculus book. A suspect was identified when he attempted to sell the calculator to the bookstore located at Thomas & 15th Avenue. The suspect was identified as a student, questioned by campus police officers, and subsequently admitted to taking the items from the backpack. All items were recovered and returned to the victim.

End of update.

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