Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New real estate appraisal courses offered

The housing downturn has taught many lessons to consumers and real estate professionals alike.

In particular, the financial crisis sparked by an overvalued housing market highlighted the need for consumers and real estate professionals to know more about how the industry values properties.

Two new courses being offered by Phoenix College’s Business Department can help those students gain a stronger understanding of the complexities of valuing property.

As part of its expanded Real Estate Certificate program, the college has added two appraisal courses this fall and a real estate finance class offered in spring 2012 to the program.

“Basic Appraisal Principles” (REA270) and “Basic Appraisal Procedures” (REA271) will be offered concurrently this fall during eight-week courses. Each appraisal course is a two-credit course, which will go towards the 18 credits required to earn the Real Estate Certificate. In the spring, a three-credit Real Estate Finance course will be offered.

“It’s aimed at those who want to become more proficient in today’s housing market,” says Doula Zaharopoulos, who directs PC’s Real Estate Program. “In today’s housing market it is essential consumers know about the appraisal process. Even if someone is already a real estate sales agent, these classes will help them.”

The courses will be offered in a hybrid style of traditional and online classes.
The appraisal courses are open to the public and do not require any prerequisites.

Most of the courses in the real estate certificate program, such as Real Estate Principles I and II, Principles of Real Estate Law and Real Estate Selling, are accredited by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Those who earn the certificate also meet state real estate licensing requirements of 90 hours of instruction and passing a school exam before taking the state exam.

While the Real Estate Certificate Program has been offered at Phoenix College in the past, the new courses are intended to meet the evolving needs of professional and consumers in the industry.

To register for these classes, go to www.phoenixcollege.edu and search the online schedule.


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