Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Options for Student Refunds

Maricopa Community College students will soon have options to receive refunds beyond the issuance of a paper check they have to cash.

Beginning this summer, students will be able to have refunds, including financial aid, direct deposited into their banking account, or they can enroll in a free Visa® prepaid debit card program with Citi® Prepaid Services.

The move to electronic payments, including direct deposit or the prepaid debit card will provide significant benefits over paper checks to both students and college staffs, said Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick, vice chancellor for academic and student affairs for the Maricopa Community Colleges.

“Students will benefit from faster, convenient and secure access to their funds,” Harper-Marinick said. “They will no longer have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail, or stand in line at the bank or check-cashing service to access their refunds.”

Harper-Marinick also said the colleges will benefit from a streamlined process that reduces costs and simplifies administration of refunds.

Dubbed the Maricopa Student Refund Program (MSRP), the new service will be available on line via a link in the student center at Students will be responsible for accessing the link and selecting their preferred method for receiving payment. They will be able to choose from:

  1. direct deposit into an existing bank account, 
  2. a Visa prepaid debit card which does not require a bank account, 
  3. or a paper check. 

The Visa prepaid debit cards are protected by Visa’s Zero Liability* fraud protection in the event the card is ever lost or stolen, and they are free of charge to students who are receiving a refund from the Maricopa Community Colleges. Students who do not enroll and select their preferred method of payment will receive a paper check from Citibank.

Students began receiving emails in their Maricopa Google™ email accounts in May alerting them to the new options for refunds. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) will also be available at, providing a brief overview of the program and answering common questions about the new prepaid card.

Customer service staff at the colleges will begin to receive training on the new refund process in the coming months.

More information on MSRP is available by calling the Maricopa Community Colleges at (480) 731-8503.

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