Thursday, April 1, 2010

PC's Innovative Digital Schedule eZine Receives National Recognition

Phoenix College received two National Paragon Awards.  One for the Digital Schedule e-Zine and one for the 2009 College Report to the Community. Award winning entries were recognized for their creativity, originality and unique approach to problem solving. Entries from 260 two-year colleges were judged by panels composed of nearly 80 professionals in their respective fields, including marketing personnel from four-year universities and advertising agencies.

The gold award-winning Schedule e-Zine, a digital magazine, was designed as an interactive and cost-effective supplement to the Maricopa Community College District ( MCCD ) online schedule. The Schedule e-Zine provides students with enhanced search features, interactive content, and a practical approach to flip through classes offered at Phoenix College.

The e-Zine is readable on most mobile devices, allowing students to browse for classes while riding the Light Rail or chatting at a coffee shop. The e-Zine also gives students a live news feed from the PC news blog, and lets them connect directly to college Facebook Pages and other social networks

“The e-Zine experience is more interactive and involved than the traditional printed schedule,” said Director of Institutional Advancement Eileen Archibald. “The use of interactive content allows us to provide more information to students, giving them a real sense of experiencing the college—venues our students are looking for.

The schedule e-Zine also served as a cost-saving approach toward implementing green initiatives into the college’s marketing plan and was named 2010 Phoenix College Innovation of the Year.

The bronze award-winning 2008-2009 College Annual Report highlighted Phoenix College’s operations and achievements. The marketing department approached the design and content using attractive vibrant colors and images that captured the college’s culture, tradition, values and mission.

We were extremely excited to receive a Paragon award for one of our most collaborative efforts,” said Archibald. “Each person on the marketing and public relations team shared their unique talents in the creation of both submissions.

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