Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ALL Arizona & All USA Academic Scholarship Applications (Nov 13 deadline)


The application is due to the Office of Institutional Advancement (Administrative Bldg - Eileen Archibald or Micaela Rios) by Friday, November 13, 2009 (4:30pm) and must be date stamped upon receipt.  The application is attached.

Two nominees will be forwarded from Phoenix College and will be placed on the All-State Academic Team and will receive a full two year scholarship to ASU, UofA, or NAU.

Specific eligibility requirements of note:
  • Must be enrolled at a community college through December 2009.
  • Must have at least 36 semester (or 48 quarter) college-level credit hours either completed at or transferred to a community college by December 31, 2009, and be on track to complete at least 48 semester hours (or 72 quarter) by August 30, 2010. (Not including Remedial/Development coursework)
  • Must have a minimum of 30 semester (or 45 quarter) college-level credit hours completed at a community college in the past 5 year (Fall 2004-present).Students must be on track to earn an associate or bachelor's degree (or the equivalent of a US associate or bachelor's degree).
  • Must have a cumulative college-level GPA of 3.50 on a 4.0 scale for all coursework completed in the last five years, regardless of institution attended. If the student has attended more than one school, all transcripts will be recalculated to determine the cumulative GPA for all college-level coursework taken.
  • Must have a community college record free of suspension, probation or other serious disciplinary action. Must have a record 1) free from any criminal conduct, or 2) if a convicted felon, has completed all conditions of sentencing, including probation.
  • First time student is nominated for the All-USA Community College, Coca-Cola All-State Community College Academic Team or New Century Scholar Program.
Students who attend community college in the United States do not need to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Students attending community colleges outside of the U.S. need to be members of Phi Theta Kappa and may only apply for the New Century Scholars program. Both students attending in the U.S. and internationally should submit the All-USA Academic Team nomination form and materials.

All-USA Community College Academic Team

New Century ScholarsUSA TODAY2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the All-USA Community College Academic Team. Nearly 1,000 students have been recognized and honored as representatives of community colleges in USA TODAY, and with the addition of the Coca-Cola All-State Community College Academic Team, now even more opportunities are available for nominees. In partnership with USA TODAY, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, the Coca-Cola Foundation, AACC and Phi Theta Kappa, this expanded program seeks to honor 370 students as representatives of all outstanding community college students around the world. Nearly $500,000 in stipends will be provided to students in 2010. These programs share a common application and eligibility criteria.
USA TODAY All-USA Community College Academic Team USA TODAY supports the All-USA Community College Academic Team program. Twenty students will be selected to the national team, each receiving a $2,500 stipend and medallion. These students will be featured in the USA TODAY newspaper and presented at Phi Theta Kappa's Presidents Breakfast held during the Annual Convention of the American Association of Community Colleges Convention (AACC) April 19, 2010, in Seattle, Washington.

Coca-Cola All-State Community College Academic Team
The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation will again provide the Coca-Cola All-State Community College Academic Team program, providing up to $450,000 in stipends. The top scoring student from each of the Fifty states will be named a New Century Scholar and will receive a $2,000 stipend. New Century Scholars will be presented at the AACC Convention. Fifty students will be named Gold Scholars, receiving $1,500, fifty students will be named Silver Scholars, receiving $1,250, and fifty students will be named Bronze Scholars, receiving $1,000. A state may have multiple Gold, Silver, or Bronze Scholars. All scholars will also receive special medallions and will be listed in USA TODAY on Monday, April 19, 2010. Finally, an additional 150 national finalists will be selected from multiple states, each receiving a $1,000 stipend. Phi Theta Kappa sponsors 37 All-State Academic Team Recognition ceremonies, during which stipends, scholarships, and special recognitions are presented to All-State Team winners.

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