Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scholarship Applications are a Click Away: Online Scholarship Management Now Available

Searching and applying for scholarships can be both time consuming and confusing. But, for Phoenix College students, searching for scholarships is now just a click away, making the process fast, simple and effective using an online scholarship application/management program. The Scholarship Manager from Next Gen Web Solutions is a user-friendly way for students to complete just one application that will be matched to all PC managed scholarships for which the student is eligible.

“Phoenix College is using the Scholarship Manager to make the application process easier and accessible to more students,” said Director of PC Alumni and Development Frank Luna. “We were looking for a process that would benefit our students while benefiting the environment. We’ll no longer be printing applications. Overall, this new process will maximize efficiency and reduce paper and printing cost.”

Students will not only be able to apply online, but manage their scholarship applications as well. They can start an application, save it, and return later to complete the process. They will also be able to check back into their portal after they submit to view the progress of their application and award.

“The Scholarship Manager is self explanatory. It was very easy to search for scholarships and to submit my application,” said Yu-Chih Chen, an international PC culinary student.

Faculty will also find the process to be very user-friendly. They will receive email requests for letters of recommendation and will be able to quickly submit their letters of recommendations electronically.

The system will be available 24 hours a day, a convenient feature that will help expedite the scholarship recipient selection. The review and scoring of applications, which is done by scholarship committee members, is also required to be completed online.

“Committee members no longer have to juggle schedules to meet in person to review applications, and everyone can review and score their applications at their leisure,” said Luna.

Phoenix College is the third Maricopa community college behind Mesa CC and Glendale CC to implement this new system.

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For more information about the Scholarship Manager at Phoenix College, contact Frank Luna at (602) 285-7667.

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